Euan Semple on strategies for implementing Enterprise 2.0

Insightful advice from Euan. I’m not sure, however, that most organizations can avoid the temptation to meddle and manage this instead. That will slow adoption down in most cases.

The 100% guaranteed easiest way to do Enterprise 2.0?

And then your bright, thoughtful and energetic staff will do it for you. Trouble is they will do it outside your firewall on bulletin boards, instant message exchanges personal blogs and probably on islands in Second Life and you will have lost the ability to understand it, influence it, and integrate it into how you do business.

The second easiest way is to find ways of allowing this to happen inside the firewall which can be as simple as sticking in some low cost or free tools and then making sure your existing organisation can:

The third easiest way is to do the second easiest way and then engage those who would have done the easiest way and get them to help you:

And the hardest way …….

…. you don’t need me to tell you that!

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