Interviewing Excellence

A typically succinct and insight filled summary of how to think about, prepare for, and conduct fact-finding interviews from Tom Peters. Reading it won’t take long; learning to do it will take a good chunk of the rest of your career.

Years ago, when I was designing the basic consulting curriculum for DiamondCluster, we gave serious thought to building the whole thing around interviewing skills. We weren’t quite brave enough to do it, but we probably should have.

Interviewing Excellence

As promised, I spent several hours in London this past Saturday working on the “InterviewingExcellence31.” You’ll find it here.(ppt file) (FYI: I was in Copenhagen yesterday for HP … and will scoot off today to one of my favorite places … South Africa.)

REPEAT: No B.School teaches PresEx (Presentation Excellence (ppt file)) and IntEx (Interviewing Excellence).(ppt file) What a pity. (Or: How stupid!) [Tom Peters weblog]

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