Is royal tutor Jung gay? There are several theories surrounding Jung’s sexuality. These include his influence on Alcoholics Anonymous and his correspondence with Freud. In this article I’ll discuss some of Jung’s more interesting aspects and answer the question, “Is Jung gay?”

Ji-un’s bisexuality

The episode begins with a fight that threatens Yi-hwi’s life. When Yi-hwi runs into Ji-un, he attempts to hide his bisexuality by telling her that he is in love with her. This ploy is foiled by Seok-jo and his men. Ji-un then leaves her by the pond and takes some herbs to cure her wound. While trying to hide her true identity, Yi-hwi tries to take off her shirt and treats herself. Ji-un’s surprise and enraged response to her blatantly reveals his underlying bisexuality.

Jung’s influence on Alcoholics Anonymous

Carl Jung is credited with indirectly establishing Alcoholics Anonymous. A former patient of his, Jung argued that spiritual experiences could reform alcoholics. While this advice may have been intended as a metaphor, his writings in the Big Book are more literal than the agnostic alcoholics of his day. To avoid the risk of being taken literally, Jung avoided using religious language in his replies to Wilson.

Jung’s correspondence with Freud

The correspondence between Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud provides an intimate account of their relationship. The letters were written over seven years and range in length from a postcard to one-and-a-half-page document. Published as documents, Jung’s correspondence with Freud contains detailed annotation and references to over 400 people, 500 publications, and numerous literary allusions. It also offers valuable insight into Jung’s life and contributions to the field of psychoanalysis.

Jung’s relationship with Lee Hwi

The king orders the execution of the twin royal daughters of the crown prince, but they are unaware that the girl is the daughter of the king’s own son. In order to cover up the incident, the twins have been disguised as court maids. When the princesses’ father dies, Lee Hwi is persuaded to assume the role of the crown prince. He also meets the son of a petty inspector, Jung Ji-woon. The two men have a complicated relationship, and the king must answer to overwhelming appeals for the Crown Prince’s removal.

The King’s Affection’s LGBTQ+ subtext

If you’re an international fan and have been waiting for ‘The King’s Affection’ to premiere in your country, you’re in luck. The historical setting and LGBTQ+ subtext of this historical K-drama have given it an international appeal. Episodes are released by Netflix shortly after they air, with subtitles available in a variety of languages. So what are you waiting for?

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