The manga series The Royal Tutor, created by Higasa Akai, is ending after five seasons. The anime is now entering its final season and the penultimate episode premiered this Wednesday at 2:05 a.m., before the finale next week. This week, Higasa Akai shared some comments about the show, which will also feature an original story not found in the manga. In the meantime, Avex Pictures is streaming a preview of the eleventh episode.

Heine Wittgenstein is a little professor

Heine Wittgenstein is a little teacher at a royal school who is naturally gifted and commands respect despite her diminutive stature. A new royal tutor is appointed by the king after his misfit sons chased away every previous royal tutor. Heine Wittgenstein is here to stay and has a lot on the line. Read on to learn more about this little professor.

When Heine was younger, she was a volunteer at a church for street children. She was given meal rewards in exchange for tutoring the children there. Viktor later asked her to be a royal tutor and Heine agreed to teach him all about life in the town. She even taught Viktor a lesson about the kvel people. Now she’s a part of the royal tutor and hopes to make a better life for the children at the Royal Tutor.

Heine is a high steward

Heine is a high steward for Prince Eins, who is trying to remove any obstacles that will prevent him from becoming king. As the mastermind of most conflicts, he wishes to gain power and influence over the princes, and he tries to eliminate Heine from his position. If Heine is unable to win over the princes, he plans to hire a tutor to influence them.

Before becoming a high steward for the royal tutor, Heine was a volunteer at Maria Vetsera’s church for street children. His meals were in return for his tutoring work. Because Viktor requested it, Heine agreed to take on the role of royal tutor. The royal tutor will ensure that these children will have a brighter future. Heine is a Kvel, one of the minorities living in Granzreich.

He teaches life lessons to princes 1-4

The narrator of “He teaches life lessons to princes 1-4” illustrates the overgrown planet as a warning to children. As an example, the narrator explains how the baobab threatens everyday life. A baobab is a giant tree with roots that could split the prince’s world in half. This example teaches the prince to be aware of the consequences of not protecting the baobab.

Heine’s relationship with the king

The author Heinrich Heine was born in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1804. His father was a successful trader who had sought out new opportunities during the French occupation of the city. Heine was sent to Hamburg when his father’s business failed, and was encouraged to become a merchant by his wealthy banker uncle. Heine converted to Protestantism but never served in government service. This incident impacted his career, and the king’s death was followed by a period of exile.

Viktor, who took the throne a few months later, did not have much political power and he was constantly sent abroad. He was also not allowed to visit the town freely. Viktor wanted to know about the town, and he asked Heine to teach him about the kvel people. After learning more about the town’s life, Viktor decided to visit Heine often, and the two remained friends for the rest of their lives.

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